Industrial and Building Security Systems

We approach the security system with a comprehensive plan of risk assessment and risk mitigation. We design and develop the required infrastructure, and even support the clients to install the required security system. We work with all types of industries, buildings, Hotels and other establishments. We even take up projects that can be segment of the whole and carry out the work in segments as per the clients. We also take up the total comprehensive package for the security system.

Security Risk Assessment

An expert team of risk assessors carries out the risk assessment. Our team adopts various methods to carry out the security risk assessment, and submit the report after carrying out proper evaluations and quality checks. The report usually contains recommendations of risk mitigations and corresponding implementation plans. We respect the Confidentiality of our clients business and processes. Therefore, every report we prepare for you remains confidential and is shared between the client and the risk assessor only.

Our Security System

We design physical security systems based on our risk assessment. This includes planning for the deployment of security man power, designing the physical infrastructure, like compound wall, gates, barriers, methodology of men and material movement and access controls.

We design the electronic surveillance systems, prepare the BOQ (bill of quantities) and support you for negotiation (Both Technical and financial), execution of the work and even after installation checks.

Documented guidelines are most important for security of any organisation. We develop security manuals and policy documents for our clients with the objective of continued safety and security of our clients businesses.

Without proper training of security personnel, the system will be less effective, we also undertake training of security personnel.

Luxa Controls is the one stop solution for all security needs

We are always happy to help our clients achieve their safety and business goals.